Manual T-Shirt Rotary Screen Printer (MSM468)

Product Description

1. Dual rotary system -Rack of printing worktable and printing head can be rotated independently. It keeps the printing in a continue process, and makes printing and drying process be simultaneous. It can improve output and decrease defect rate.
2. Precise- The positioning device of printing head makes printing heads locate at exactly the same position, with precise color registration.
3. Strong construction - All the steel parts and triangular coupling rods under printing worktable ensure the machine running stable in printing process to get precise result.
4. Easy adjusting - Mesh frame can be precisely set to correct position by turning screws of adjusting system on printing head.
5. Heatproof printing worktable, The alloy aluminum worktable is un-deformable and durable under high temperature.
6. Any model can be 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 colors optional.

MSM series is a rotary screen printing machine with ingenious design. It is precise, reliable, stable, easy adjusting and easy use. This series of machinery are perfect in garments printing, textile printing, paper printing and film printing. It is the best choice for middle or small printing factory.

MSM468 Manual T-shirt Rotary Screen Printer
Worktable Size  400×500/450×650/600×800mm

More Product Features
Model:     MSM468
Standard:     CE
Productivity:     1000/year
Unit Price/Payment:     T/T
Company:     Marabu Printing Machines Company Limited